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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

AL Quran

This is the picture of the Qur'an I have. I bought this Qur'an for $19/- dollars in 1984 in Bras Pasah Road. I was already working then in a government department known formerly as Land Office. My salary was only $430 dollars per month. After giving some portion of this to my mother, I still had a little money with me. Spending $19/- was big money in those days. I was 23 years old then.

Nevertheless, the quest of knowing what the intent of the Qur'an made that expense unnoticeable. When I got hold of this Qur'an I was very joyful as I wanted to understand Qur'an. I found a goldmine- that was how I felt.

Understanding Al Quran in those days was a tedious task. I was not a full time learner of Quran. I had to work for living. My mother sold spices in a stall and my only sister had just joined the teaching job. My father had passed away when I was a year old. Subsequently, my sister got married. However, until today she(two year elder than me) had been a supportive daughter in taking care of my mother, Aminah. May Allah bless her and her family in this life and the hereafter.

Currently I am using online software to learn the Qur'an. It is much easier to cross reference. These are my favorites:



While writing out this post I have just discovered this site in the Google search. Apart from Arabic grammar, syntax, this site shows morphological annotation and semantic ontology of the Arabic language. alhamdulliah


Apart from online resources on Al Quran, I still use the hardcopy for my daily recitation of my favorite sura Surah Waqia- the inevitable event. I have been reciting this surah without fail for the past 25 Years. I will start a page of its benefits in another page.

The late Abdullah Yusof Ali, whose writing known for clarity, translated this copy of the Qur’an that I have bought at the age of 23. You can purchase this copy at the link below. See you next time insha allah.

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